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Connectors allow users to securely connect their wallet to your app. When using wagmi, you configure whatever connectors you want to use and wagmi handles the rest!

Built-in Connectors

wagmi has built-in wallet connectors for Injected (i.e. MetaMask), WalletConnect (i.e. Rainbow), and Coinbase Wallet. Tens of millions of users are supported by these options and they are very fast to set up!

Creating A Custom Connector

If none of the built-in connectors work for your app, you can create a custom connector by extending the Connector class:

import { Connector } from 'wagmi'

export class CoolL2CustomConnector extends Connector {
  name = 'My Cool Custom Connector for L2s'

  constructor(config) {

  // Implement other methods

If you create a custom connector, consider creating a pull request to make it a built-in.

Then, use it just like any other connector:

import { defaultL2Chains } from 'wagmi'

import { CoolL2CustomConnector } from './CoolL2CustomConnector'

const connector = new CoolL2CustomConnector({
  chains: defaultL2Chains,
  options: {
    // Custom connector options