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Getting Started


Inside your React project directory, run the following:

yarn add wagmi ethers

Or with npm:

npm install wagmi ethers

Quick Start

Wrap your app with the Provider component.

import { Provider } from 'wagmi'

const App = () => (
    <YourRoutes />

Provider has multiple configuration options: connectors (i.e. WalletConnect), auto connect, websockets, etc. Check here for more info.

Use hooks! Every component inside the Provider is set up with the default InjectedConnector for connecting wallets and ethers.js Default Provider for fetching data.

import { useAccount } from 'wagmi'

const Page = () => {
  const [{ data, error, loading }, disconnect] = useAccount({
    fetchEns: true,

  return ...

Continue on to check out the Guides or skip to the API Documentation.